Workplace Wellenss – Kathryn Woods

Do You Want Beautifully Painted Nails Without all the Toxic Chemicals?

It’s usually difficult to know exactly what ingredients are in our nail polishes, because the print is so small on those little bottles of beautiful colour. Even if we could read the ingredients for most people the list of chemicals … Continued

How Can Connecting to the Earth and Nature Improve Our Health?

I believe being outside and connecting to nature is critical to our health, and should be an important part of every single day.  I’ve definitely experienced health benefits myself, and being outside in natural settings is something that I incorporate … Continued

Can the WELLNESS of our BUILDINGS determine our healthiest lives?

Could what happens inside a building really have this kind of impact on our health and wellbeing? I believe it can. In fact, I believe that ideally our buildings should not just not cause any harm to our health, but … Continued