How does it work?

Ongoing support is an important component of how I work with clients.

  1. Your first consultation will take up to 90 minutes, to fully understand your health history.
  2. We will go through some goals and recommendations at the end of the session
  3. I'll email you a full plan which we can talk through by phone or Skype, and I'll also be available for questions in between consultations.

Nutrition Services

  • Initial Consultation (up to 90 minutes) $110
  • Follow up Consultation (up to 60 minutes) $90
  • Group nutrition sessions - cost based on requirements
  • Skype - I understand its is not always possible to travel, and I’m happy to do Skype consultations on request.
  • Pathology testing - I can organise any functional pathology testing required

Most private health insurers cover nutrition so you'll be able to claim it if you have the appropriate cover.  If your insurer doesn't cover nutrition I'm happy to offer you a discount.

I have clinic locations in Ocean Shores and Byron Bay. Contact me for a consultation.

Building Biology and Feng Shui

There are many different types of audits that can be done and the cost will depend on which audit and the size of the home. All audits are done in line with precautionary standards used internationally by Building Biologists.

Overall Home Health Audit

This audit is for anyone who wants to create a healthy home or who suffers symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia, allergies or other respiratory problems. The aim of this audit is to either proactively create a healthy home environment or uncover potential causes for specific health symptoms. It will including testing and mapping of electromagnetic field sources and their impact on the home, assessment of products being used that may contain chemicals (cleaning products, personal care, pesticides, plastics etc.), assessment of dust, furnishings, mould and other potential allergens and your water source.

  • Pre-lease or Pre-purchase Audits could cover everything above or specific areas detailed below and are great to give you peace of mind that the home you will be moving to will support your health

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Testing

The World Health Organisation has listed EMF’s (both magnetic frequencies and radio frequencies) as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, and there are many other problems that have been associated with EMF’s – headaches, fatigue, insomnia, loss of memory and lack of concentration, chronic fatigue, childhood leukemia, neuro-degenerative diseases, and brain tumors. An audit will include testing of EMF’s both inside and outside the property that may be impacting you in your home. This is a fairly complex process that requires specialised equipment and an understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as shielding techniques that may be required to protect people in their homes from EMF’s. Common problem sources for EMF’s include mobile phone towers, smart meters, overhead wires and substations, household appliances, meter box and the continually growing levels of wireless technology. Sources of EMF’s and solutions will be explained in a written report.

Allergy Audit

Allergies and asthma are now at epidemic levels, particularly here in Australia. Australians are the second highest allergy sufferers in the world, and the incidence of allergies has increased by 400% in the last 20 years. This is a very concerning area of health, particularly given that many of the allergens that effect people come from the indoor environment. This audit is ideal if you have anyone who is suffering (or you suspect they are) from allergies, asthma, eczema (or any other skin issue), hay-fever sinusitis and other respiratory issues etc. Along with identifying allergens in the home this consultation may include a discussion and testing around nutrition / food, and consideration of water sources and possible water testing. Indoor environmental allergens and sensitivities can include dust (as well as what is attached to dust), dust mites, mould, pollen, pets and many chemicals.

Drinking Water Assessment

This would suit anyone who has eczema, gut problems, kidney or liver problems, or anyone who is concerned about their water. Due to the many health issues related to our drinking water in Australia, Building Biologists consider a water filter a necessity not a luxury. The assessment will provide details of all potential contaminants (pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, lead, copper etc.) based on your specific water source (tap, tank, bore, bottled) and supply. It will then detail exactly what the best filtering system is for you based on potentially contaminants and any symptoms you have. This can often be done without any testing, however in some circumstances water testing will be required.

Healthy Building Materials and Design

Many modern buildings are built in ways that can contribute to health problems for the occupants. These problems vary from using materials with toxic chemicals such as Formaldahyde in them, wiring the house and using materials that could increase electromagnetic field exposure, building methods and materials that could cause moisture and mould problems and much more.  Buildings Biologists regularly work with architects and builders to ensure that the healthiest materials and building methods are used. I can provide advice on how to build with the individual micro-climate in mind, how to create good ventilation for the area you live in, as well as non toxic materials, paints, finishes, furnishings etc that are ideally renewable.

Moisture and Mould Audit

This would suit anyone who can see or smell mould, has had flooding in their home or any other issues around moisture. Also anyone who feels they may have symptoms associated with mould exposure such as allergies, fatigue, recurring colds, ear infections, pneumonia or ongoing respiratory problems. The audit includes a visual inspection and assessment of moisture levels using a protimeter (moisture meter). Following this it may be necessary to conduct air sampling to determine the type and prevalence of bacteria and mould in a particular room, this type of testing requires analysis by a certified laboratory. Recommendations will be made to eliminate the source of moisture through cleaning and remediation, as well as any building and plumbing work.

Pre-conception Care and Preparing the Home for a Baby

Pre-conception care isn’t limited to the food that you put into your body.  It is essential that it includes environmental health, as exposure to toxins at this time can have a major impact on your health and therefore your babies health. It is also important to ensure limited exposure to certain toxins during critical windows of development while you’re pregnant, as well as after the baby is born. This consultation is perfect for anyone planning pregnancy or who is already pregnant. It will include an assessment of any toxins in the home that may have an impact on the baby's health at different stages and recommendations on how to eliminate / avoid them. It will also include up to date recommendations around exposures to allergens for new born babies in their first year to avoid allergies, this is based on the most current scientific information. There is an option to also include pre-conception or pregnancy nutrition in this consultation.

Business / Corporate

  • Building Biology audit – This aims to create a healthier work environment for staff using the above assessment techniques (depending on individual requirements), which will in turn improve productivity
  • Workplace wellness strategies and programmes - Working with companies more broadly around workplace wellness (this usually incorporates overall health, environmental health, lifestyle and nutrition).  Workplace wellness is currently a growing area and will require companies to go beyond one off initiatives in order for there to be real benefits to staff and organisations, particularly when it is estimated that untreated health conditions cost Australian workplaces $10.9 billion dollars per year.

Talks and Workshops

  • Group Talks and workshops - Creating healthy homes and workplaces (nutrition can also be covered), tailored to your specific needs. Covering advice on limiting EMF exposure, reducing allergens and chemicals in the home, identifying moisture and mould problems; and overall creating a sanctuary for you and your family.
  • Health practitioner workshops – How to identify potential environmental health causes during your clients / patients health history, and help them to create healthy indoor environments.

Feng Shui Audits

Feng Shui consultations can be done based on individual requirements including:

  • full home or workplace audits
  • renovation or building advice
  • pre-purchase or pre-rental
  • Pre-build plan
  • focus on specific issues around things such as sleep or other areas of health, relationships or finance

Top line Building Biology which is often referred to as Modern Feng Shui is incorporate into all Feng Shui audits (and nutrition consultations).

  • Allow around three hours for the home visit, and one hour for a follow up to go through the report (which could potentially be done by skype if this is easier)
  • Prices are dependant on the size of the property
  • An accurate floor plan and the year the house was built will be required for the audit.

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