Lovely Lavender

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Insomnia in its many forms appears to be very prevalent in peoples lives these days. Whilst its important to get to the cause of insomnia, its also great to have tools that help at the time when you’re experiencing sleep issues. For myself and many others Lavender is one of those tools. Studies have shown it to have sedative, calmative and relaxation effects; so particularly effective when insomnia is caused by stress, and as a result can also help with anxiety and for mood enhancement Some studies have also demonstrated Lavender to be anti-microbial (so also good for cleaning & on skin wounds) and anti-inflammatory amongst other things.  Lavender can be used as oil in a bath, in a diffuser and topically (diluted in an oil such as Jojoba and always test a small spot of skin for any adverse reaction) as well as a tea.

CAUTIONS: As with all essential oils good quality, organic is best (non-organic often have traces of pesticides). Essential oils are volatile compounds so if using larger doses make sure its under the guidance of a qualified Aromatherapist. Using Lavender is believed to be safe, however at this stage not using during pregnancy or when breastfeeding; or for infants and children pre-puberty is recommended.