What is Building Biology?

Our homes and workplaces should be sanctuaries that promote health and harmony in our lives, not illness and unrest.  It’s a Building Biologists job to help make this happen.

Building Biology is a scientifically evidence based practice of assessing and testing to determine the relationship between occupants health and the health of the built environment (homes, workplaces, schools).  Building Biologists are professionals trained in identifying health hazards in buildings related to indoor air quality, mould, electromagnetic fields, water quality, building materials and other products we bring into the home and workplace. Testing and measurement is done using specialised equipment that can determine things such if there are moisture levels in building materials that could promote the growth of mould.   Following an assessment a  Building Biologist will educate clients around health problems indoor hazards could cause, they offer simple solutions to create the healthiest indoor environment, with particular focus on anything that could contribute to existing health problems. Most importantly they empower people to make positive changes around their health.

Symptoms associated with indoor toxins include allergies, asthma, recurring colds, respiratory problems, skin rashes, headaches, fatigue, sleep problems and other neuro-system problems. There’s growing evidence of association to fertility problems, thyroid dysfunction, autism, heart disease and some cancers.  Children are especially vulnerable to indoor environments due to their developmental stages, and there’s been a huge increase in recent years of childhood allergies, asthma and many other childhood problems.


Kathryn is a qualified Building Biologist with accreditation from the Australian College of Environmental Studies, and a member of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists.  Kathryn is also a qualified Nutritionist and a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. As a Nutritionist Kathryn chose to become a Building Biologist to have a deeper understanding and look at underlying causes for health problems in a more holistic way.  With her unique combination of qualifications Kathryn developed the Building Wellness framework which uses Building Biology, Nutrition and other behavioral and lifestyle factors in buildings that are combined to achieve optimal whole life health.

Healthy Home free of Dust, AllergiesDo you or your family suffer from allergies, asthma, colds, insomnia, fatigue or headaches?

Have you noticed health problems improve when you’re NOT at home or work? This is very likely related to the health of the building – it could be making you a sick.


There are many options for services, and the cost will depend on which audit and the size of the building.  All audits are done in line with international Building Biology standards.  Kathryn delivers a report that identifies potential health issues  with the building and suggested changes.

A deep dive into causes of health issues and creating the healthiest life possible.  This is for anyone who wants to create the healthiest home or workplace, or who suffers from symptoms they suspect are linked to being in the building.  The aim is to either proactively create a healthy environment and life, or uncover potential causes for specific health symptoms.  It includes testing of electromagnetic field sources, assessment of products contain any chemicals,  assessment of dust, furnishings, building design and materials, mould and other allergens, analysis of the water source, access to nutrition to support a healthy life and other behaviors that may be impacting your health.  Building Wellness Extension includes a more detailed health history and clinical nutrition recommendations. Contact us for a quote

The World Health Organisation has listed EMF’s (both magnetic frequencies and radio frequencies) as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, and there are many other problems that have been associated with EMF’s – headaches, fatigue, insomnia, loss of memory, lack of concentration, chronic fatigue and neuro-degenerative diseases. An audit will include testing EMF’s that may be impacting you in your home.  This is a complex process that requires specialised equipment and an understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as shielding techniques that may be required to protect people. Common problem sources for EMF’s include mobile phone towers, smart meters, overhead wires and substations, household appliances, meter box and the continually growing levels of wireless technology. Contact us for a quote

Mother and Baby in Healthy HomeAllergies and asthma are now at epidemic levels, and Australians are the second highest allergy sufferers in the world.  This is a concerning area of health, particularly given many of the allergens that effect people come from indoor environments. This audit is ideal if you have anyone who is suffering from (or you suspect they are) allergies, asthma, eczema (or other skin issue), hay fever, sinusitis and other respiratory issues.  Along with identifying allergens, this audit may include a discussion and testing around food, and  consideration of water sources and water testing. Contact us for a quote



This audit would suit anyone who can see or smell mould, has had flooding or water damage in a building or any other issues around moisture.  Also, anyone who suspects they have symptoms associated with mould exposure such as allergies, fatigue, recurring colds, ear infections, pneumonia or ongoing respiratory problems.  The audit includes a visual inspection and assessment of moisture levels, along with use of specialized equipment. It may be necessary to conduct air sampling to determine the type and prevalence of bacteria and mould in a particular area. Recommendations will aim to eliminate the source of moisture through cleaning, remediation and potentially building and plumbing work. Contact us for a quote


WaterThis would suit anyone who has gut problems, kidney or liver issues, eczema or anyone concerned about their water.  Due to the many health issues related to our drinking water in Australia, Building Biologists consider a water filter a necessity not a luxury. The assessment will provide details of potential contaminants (pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, lead, copper etc. based on your water source and supply.  It will detail exactly what the best filtering system is for you.  In some circumstances water testing will be required. Contact us for a quote



Many modern buildings are built in ways that can contribute to health issues for occupants. Problems with materials can include those with toxic chemicals such as Formaldehyde in them, wiring the house and using materials that can increase EMF exposure, building methods and materials that could cause moisture and mould problems. Advice can include how to build and renovate with the individual micro-climate in mind, how to create good ventilation, and non toxic materials, paints, finishes, furnishings that are also renewable. Contact us for a quote



Are you sensitive to chemicals?  Do you react when you’re in a cosmetics department, cleaning isle or store selling cheap clothing or furnishings?  This audit will focus on eliminating chemicals from your indoor environment including in your food, and could include pre and post testing.  It will include guidelines to help detoxify chemicals from your body following removal of environmental toxins. Contact us for a quote





Ensuring that you aren’t investing in or renting a home that has moisture/mould problems, exposures to EMF’s that cant be rectified amongst other potential exposures.  There will need to be some access to the property to deliver the best recommendation. Contact us for a quote




It’s estimated that untreated health and wellness conditions cost Australian workplaces $10.9 billion dollars per year.  Workplace wellness assessments can cover any of the above, and will be tailored to the individual business including:

      • Building Biology audit – This aims to create a healthier work environment for staff using the above assessment techniques, to in turn improve productivity
      • Workplace wellness strategies and programmes – This incorporates overall health, lifestyle and nutrition.  Focusing on improving immune system, sleep and energy and lower stress. Contact us for a quote



Feng Shui

Kathryn is a qualified Feng Shui practitioner through the Australian College of Environmental Studies.  Feng Shui can contribute to creating healthy living and work environments, as well as help us achieve our goals. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese method of considering the impact a building has on its occupants and aims to create health, harmony, productivity, prosperity and overall wellbeing.  Ideally your home should feel like a sanctuary that uplifts and energies you, and improves your quality of life.


Have you ever walked into a property or room that looks appealing but something doesn’t feel right? Have you ever moved somewhere and experienced positive or negative changes to your career, finance, health or your relationships? Its possible these situations are being influenced by the Feng Shui of the property.  Feng Shui looks at suble energies through a building that create feelings of harmoney or siharmony.  A Feng Shui audit is very personalised and will focus on areas of life you want to change such as health, finance, relationships and career.

Feng Shui for a Healthy Home

Feng Shui Audits - are done around individual requirements including:

  • full home or workplace audits
  • renovation or building advice
  • pre-purchase or pre-rental
  • Pre-build plan
  • specific focus on sleep or other areas of health, relationships or finance


Clutter Clearing - We use an effective process to help people who need to clear clutter.

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If you’re passionate about creating health and harmony in your home, as well as bringing new opportunities into your life contact me to discuss a consultation.